Keys to Winterizing a Jet Ski Correctly

How to Winterize a Jet Ski

Summer has ended and you need to learn how to winterize a jet ski. The activities that were great for the hot weather need to be put away and stored for next year. Winterizing your jet ski has to be done before the cold weather hits.

Taking care of your jet ski and putting it away correctly is beneficial to know that you will not have to invest money into fixing it once the warm weather rolls around again. Winterizing is an essential step in owning a jet ski.

Here is a way to handle the winterizing. See the steps below to make sure that you have the process done correctly.

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Step 1: Drain

Just like with most vehicles when water or dirt sits for a long time, it can begin to destroy the jet ski. Considering that the watercraft spends so much time in bodies of water it also collects algae and other grime from the water. Making sure that your jet ski is drained can prevent residual impairment from damaging the vehicle.

Draining your jet ski is easier than it may sound. Here are the steps to follow to do so:

First –

Using a boat ramp or jet ski ramp, make sure that the jet ski is on an incline with the front end positioned higher than the back. Depending on where you are located you can google “boat ramps near me”. Depending on where you are located, you can use a webpage like this to find local boat ramps as well:

Second –

In 30 second intervals, start the engine and then give it a break. Do this three times to completely clear the turbine of liquid.

Draining the water from the jet ski is one of the most important components. Sitting liquid will cause damage that will be irreparable. To winterize a jet ski, you must follow directions.

Step 2: Fuel Stabilizer

Jet Ski WInterizing Fuel Stabilizer

Now that your jet ski is completely devoid of water it is time to protect the motor and the fuel tank during the winter season.

A fuel stabilizer protects your vehicle.

There are many different brands to choose from. Researching the one to provide your craft with the best protection is important. Here is the brand we use and we swear by this. Fuel Stabilizer for pricing just follow the link, it changes frequently so try to get it around $6.50.

Once your decision has been made it is time to use it.

Directions are printed on the bottle.

When the fuel stabilizer has been used, it is then time to fill the tank up completely. Run the jet ski a couple of times to grease all parts of the engine.

Another tip is to make sure that you change all oil filters and oil so that it is fresh for when you open your jet ski next year.

Step 3: Fogging Oil

Jet Ski Winterizing Fogging OIl

This will assure that all parts of your jet ski are lubricated and ready to be stored for the long season.

Finding the correct fogging oil is an important measure to take.

It is best that you can distinguish parts of your engine for this part. Be sure to wipe everything down with a rag before beginning to take care of each cylinder.

Remove all of the spark plugs.

Once you have removed all of the spark plugs use a small portion of fogging oil to lubricate each of the cylinders that your spark plugs have come out of.

Just follow this link if you are interested in the price or purchasing the fogging oil we use: Fogging Oil 

When you have sprayed all of the crevices, replace the spark plugs in place for storage. Do not leave plugs out of your jet ski.

Step 4: Battery Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do (other than draining all of the water) is to remove the battery from your jet ski.

Carefully disconnect the battery.

First, remove the negative terminal and then the positive terminal.

Then store your battery in a dry and temperature resistant location until it is the time of year to use it. This will keep your battery in shape for another season.

Not taking care of your battery can lead to corrosion. This could ruin your terminals on your jet ski. It is a huge pain to figure out that you need new terminals.

Step 5: Careful Coverage

Taking care of the outside of your jet ski is just as important as taking care of the inside.

Jet Ski Cover

How to Winterize a Jet Ski

A jet ski cover will protect your watercraft from the harsh conditions of the winter. Be sure to choose a jet ski cover that is the correct measurement for your make and model. Find one that fits the whole watercraft tightly and will not let in outside dirt, snow, grime, or water.

When you winterize a jet ski, a jet ski cover is a very important part of your process. Depending on where you store your watercraft you want something that is going to ensure that it will be protected. Different types of covers are offered by companies. Find a jet ski cover that will suit your storage means. 

Jet Ski Trailer Lock

How to Winterize a Jet Ski

Finding the correct jet ski lock can assure that your ski vehicle is not stolen during the winter months. A good jet ski lock is easy to find and reusable for more than just a single ski season. depending on where your jet ski storage is finding the right jet ski lock could mean the difference between your jet ski being stolen or not.

Of course, the ideal place to store your jet ski would be on your property. For many, this is not an option. For those who worry about jet ski storage, some locations will allow you to store your jet ski for the winter. Choosing a place that you trust is important. Jet ski storage is just as important as knowing the proper way to care for your watercraft.

When winterizing a jet ski remember the most important steps: drain, stabilize, fogging, and coverage.

These steps will help you to be ready to pull that summer vehicle out of storage all ready to spend the summer on the water. Prevent problems from coming up due to poor winter protection. These steps will help you to get out on the water faster.

When you winterize a jet ski you give yourself the chance to get back out on the water faster. Creating a long summer with fewer technical problems that stand in your way of creating memories.

Find the right products and store your jet ski in a place that is going to shelter it until you are ready to bring it out for yet another season.

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